esiCLEAN is a purificaton kit for in vitro transcribed single guide (g)RNA. esiCLEAN frees your gRNA of  nucleotides, buffer reagents and other contaminants originating from your in vitro transcription reaction. You obtain high yields of ultra-clean gRNA ready for your transfection experiments!

There is no need for a fume hood, as no volatile toxic solvents such as phenol or chloroform are involved.

25 preps for 187.00 EUR

Catalog-#: esiCLEAN-25


Suitable for purification of single-stranded RNA molecules of 100-120 nucleotides, such as single guide RNAs. The purification principle is anion-exchange chromatography.

All kit components are stored at room temperature.


Spin Columns25
Collection Tubes (2 mL)50
esiResin5.5 ml
Equilibration Buffer30 ml
Wash Buffer15 ml
Elution Buffer18 ml
RNase-free water1.5 ml
3 M Sodium Acetate, pH 5.41.5 ml