Sub-genomic collections of iB-RNA (iB-FLEX)

Our iB-FLEX sub-genomic collections of iB-RNAs provide maximum flexibility in terms of composition and array. You can assemble your own custom iB-FLEX by choosing from 9,391 Tribolium castaneum iB-RNAs. The iB-FLEX libraries are delivered in 96-well plates, each well containing either 10 or 20 µg of iB-RNA at 1 µg/µl. You can choose the position of each iB-RNA on the plates. The minimum number of iB-RNAs to be selected for your iB-FLEX is 24.

You may also assemble an iB-FLEX with secondary iB-RNAs (iB-SECs) for the validation of phenotypes. These secondary iB-RNAs target the same transcripts as the primary iB-RNAs, but match other sections of the targets; hence, they are also called NOFs for non-overlapping fragments. Also here, the minimum number of iB-RNAs to be selected is 24.

For more information please read: Schmitt-Engel et al., 2015, The iBeetle large-scale RNAi screen reveals gene functions for insect development and physiology. Nature Commun, 6: 7822

10 µg of primary iB-RNA

for 41.40 EUR

20 µg of primary iB-RNA

for 69.35 EUR

10 µg of iB-SEC

for 53.80 EUR

20 µg of iB-SEC

for 90.00 EUR

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Prices for larger scales, other concentrations or plate formats, upon inquiry. Contact us.


Quality Control: iB-RNAs are designed using the DEQOR design algorithm. The PCR products used for production are tested via gel electrophoresis, and identity is confirmed by DNA sequencing. The quality of each iB-RNA is validated by gel electrophoresis, and concentrations are determined by measuring fluorescence intensity.

Purification: All iB-RNAs are precipitated with isopropanol and washed with ethanol.

Format: iB-RNAs are dissolved in the customer's choice of either injection buffer (1.4 mM NaCl, 0.07 mM Na2HPO4, 0.03 mM KH2PO4, 4 mM KCl, 1% (v/v) phenol red, pH 7.2), TE buffer, or water and normalized to 1.0 µg/µl.


Storage and Stability: iB-RNA stored at -20°C are stable for 2 years. No decrease in stability was observed after 12 freeze/thaw cycles.

Shipment: Shipped in solution on dry ice in sealed 96-well plates.

Technical Data Sheet: iB-Flex libraries will be delivered with an a technical data sheet, which includes the plate number and positions of iB-RNAs, iB-RNA ID numbers, amount (µg), concentration, lot #, and target sequence. iB-Flex libraries will be delivered with a CD-ROM containing the product details as specified above.