Custom long double-stranded RNA (RNAi-OPEN)

The product RNAi-OPEN represents custom long double-stranded (ds)RNAs for any species. Simply send us the sequence you want us to produce.

Alternatively, you provide the transcript sequence (minimum of 500 bp), which you want to silence in your model organism of choice. We then analyze the provided sequence with our proprietary bioinformatic software to identify the template region best suited for the synthesis of the most specific and effective long dsRNA for your target.

RNAi-OPEN standard scales are 30 µg or 50 µg.

30 µg

for 236.00 EUR

50 µg

for 345.00 EUR

The maximum RNAi-OPEN sequence length is 317 bp. For the pricing of longer RNAi-OPEN sequences, please inquire.

To order, simply send us the desired sequence or the sequence of your target, and specify the amount you need.


Quality Control: RNAi-OPENs are designed using the DEQOR design algorithm. The PCR products used for production are checked via gel electrophoresis. The quality of RNAi-OPENs is validated by gel electrophoresis, and concentrations are determined by measuring fluorescence intensity.

Format: RNAi-OPENs are delivered in solution (solvent options are injection buffer (1.4 mM NaCl, 0.07 mM Na2HPO4, 0.03 mM KH2PO4, 4 mM KCl, 1% (v/v) phenol red, pH 7.2), water, or TE buffer) and normalized to 1 µg/µl. Higher concentrations are available upon request.


Purification:  RNAi-OPENs are precipitated with isopropanol and washed with ethanol.

Storage and Stability: RNAi-OPENs stored at -20°C are stable for two years. No decrease in stability was observed after 12 freeze/thaw cycles.

Shipment: Shipped in solution on dry ice in individual tubes.

Technical Data Sheet: It includes the RNAi-OPEN ID number, organism, amount (µg), concentration, lot number, and sequence.